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Is it Worth Buying Jasper? How Much Should I Pay?! 5 Points To Consider Before Buying.

Content writing is the most time-consuming part of running a website. But what if Jasper AI could write this content for you? Are we entering a world where artificial intelligence can write just as well as humans? The short answer is yes. Jasper AI writing software can help you write faster, better SEO-optimized content at scale.

But is that content actually any good? That’s why in this article I’m going to cover my full review of Jasper. U will exactly how to use Jasper Ai. When I think about the features, the dashboard, the user experience, the pricing model, and exactly what I think. And if you stay till the end, I’ll go over exactly how I use Jasper.

If you’re looking to speed up content production, integrate with other tools and rank for more keywords in blog posts.

Jasper is an AI writing tool and they really consider themselves the future of content writing, blog post writing, eCommerce writing, ad writing, email writing, anything that you need to write online can be done with the help of AI. So it uses this machine-learning algorithm to create content for you. And they are used by a number of big companies. If you look at their website, they’re used by Airbnb, IBM, Google, Autodesk, and Logitech. A lot of big companies use Jasper, so I’m going to first just go right into it.

Jasper Ai Templates

So when you log into Jasper, you’re going to be given a dashboard that you can view. And there are a number of different templates. So the big one is like this blog post content template that you want to use to create actual articles at scale. So we’re definitely going to cover that and how to optimize it. First, I want to show you some other ones.

So there’s a new one and they’re constantly adding these new templates in here. There’s one called the Content Improver so you can take content on your site and you can improve it and have AI generate different versions of that content. So, for example, here’s an article of mine on the best project management software.

And I’m just going to take some of this content from the intro and I’m going to paste it into this Content Improver and it can fit the words and you can change the tone of voice too. So if I wanted to make it funny, angry, unique, I’m going to do that.

I’m going to leave that blank for now and try it and generate AI content using Jasper and see what happens. So it’s just different ways of writing this content. So you can see there are three different versions that were output. So I chose three outputs and I got it and I actually kind of like these better than my own. So I think this first one is really good and it’s pretty interesting.

I think it’s a little bit more well written. So I could use this. I could take this, you can just copy it and then paste it, open your WordPress editor and then just paste it in and it’s unique content that you can use. So that’s pretty interesting. They have content improvement tools.

So take a piece of content, and make it more interesting and engaging. Let me try if I want to make it fun and I generate the content and see what happens. So if I want to make it funny about project management, that’s going to be hard. Let’s see. You know that feeling when you’re halfway through a project and then realize there’s no way for anyone else on your team to see what was done.

It can be frustrating because mistakes get missed or tasks overlooked. That’s why we created an ultimate guide for finding the best project management software. It has old years in here sometimes because it’s pulling and scraping all kinds of data, but that’s kind of good. I kind of liked it. There’s like a little bit of a personality in that one.

So that’s interesting. And I think it’s a good tool overall to use Jasper as a content improver tool. Another way that you can use Jasper is for your email. So there are a number of different email templates that you can try. If you click on the email and the templates, there’s content improvement again.

Persuasive bullet points, personalized cold emails, and email subject lines. I’m going to try the persuasive bullet points and I put in some content here around my course blog growth engine. And I’m going to put in the product description. So it’s an online course on how to start a profitable blogging business. Comes with ten modules, and 30 hours of content.

I’m not going to put in a tone of voice, but I’m going to generate AI content with the help of Jasper. So if I had some bullet points that I wanted to put in an email to sell this product, what would I use? So it’s pretty good to learn how to start a profitable blog from scratch. Get access to ten modules with 30 hours of video content, and learn from 400 plus successful bloggers in the community. So that’s really good.

I actually wrote that pretty well from just a bullet standpoint. I gave it my product and description and it did bullets. If you’re an e-commerce brand, you could use it for that. If you’re selling information online, you can use it for that. But it’s a pretty easy way to get these persuasive bullet points to help you sell.

So Besides improving content, and writing persuasive emails, you can also do things on social media, which is kind of cool. So if I go to the social media templates and let’s say I have an Instagram post even that I want to add a caption to, I have one. So I’m going to be traveling to Egypt soon. And I thought, all right, what am I posting about traveling to Egypt to ride some camels and view the pyramids. So I’m going to try a funny voice and generate that content and see what happens.

I’m not sure if I should be doing this or not. I’m going to ride those camels like a rodeo champ. Hashtag Egypt, hashtag pyramids. Hashtag Sphinx. Let’s try an angry social media post and see what happens.

All you don’t fall off. I just wanted to have a relaxing weekend in Egypt, but the camel I wrote took me on a wild ride, and then my tour guide made us walk through the desert without any water. I’m going to sue this company. I can’t believe I spent $1,000 on a camel ride and all I got was this lousy picture of the pyramids. That’s actually kind of funny.

I’m not paying $3,000 to look at some old rocks. So the angry one is actually kind of funny, but it also can help you with these social media posts. So tons of different ways you can use Jasper. Another great feature of Jasper is their boss mode. So Besides the templates that they have, you can also just open a blank document and start typing and then hit the compose button and Jasper will write for you.

You can also prompt them with some interesting things. So for example, if I say write a funny response to this question, what do you love about running an online business and why? And I hit the compose button. You can choose your output length, small, medium, or long in Jasper. Running an online business is fun because you can do it from anywhere.

If you want to go on vacation, all I have to do is work remotely for the day or two that I’m away and be done with it. You don’t even really need employees anymore unless you’re trying to scale up your business. And you can with the boss mode you can just hit keep hitting the compose button and it’ll keep writing for you. So I love that I get to do whatever I want and don’t have to answer anybody.

So it gives you these different interesting responses by prompting Jasper with their boss mode.

Jasper Ai Features

Let’s get into more of Jasper’s features. So when I go to the Features tab, you can see that they also have not just all these templates, but also recipes so you can share with the community. There are tons of people in this community sharing recipes and you see the founder here has an interesting blog post recipe. That’s the most popular one and you can see this is a recipe content.

So you can use this and says write a brief for the topic, write the title Ideas Introduction outline. And then you say write about outline items one, two, and three. And then a conclusion. So you could use this recipe to actually create content and do it much faster. So there are all these kinds of different things too, like this one’s rewrite or expand blog post or other content.


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So you can use all these community recipes like a cold email template, product review, and blog post. That’s a really good one that you can use to put your keyword in your audience, your features, benefits, and all of that. And you get these optimized pieces of content at scale. If you’re looking to use Jasper and other languages too, they have that feature. So you can write a copy and then copy it in 25 different languages with Jasper.

So you can input it in your own language, like let’s say English, and then it’ll output it in other languages. So that can be really interesting and cool if you want to like expand your blog to different audiences or your e-commerce brand, just easily input and get output in different languages using Jasper.

Jasper Ai Pricing

So let’s get into Jasper’s pricing model. So they have two main plans, the Starter Plan and Boss Mode. So Starter Plan is $29 a month.

It gives you access to about 20,000 words total. And you can have 50 AI copywriting skills, unlimited projects, and unlimited logins. So it’s best if you’re not writing a ton. And maybe you need things just like headlines, ad copy, product descriptions, and things that are shorter. Where you really get the best benefit from Jasper is with Boss Mode.

It’s $99 a month. That gets you 100,000 words a month. So you could be writing basically 3000-word blog posts every day using Boss Mode. And you still wouldn’t hit the limit, which is really good. So you can write long content with Jasper.

It’s $99 a month. It gives you the blog post creator long foreign documents, all the features that you can look at, and all these different words per month. So they changed some of their pricing when billed monthly and annually. But you get a lot of different things too in this Boss Mode plan, like SEO mode, really good integration with Surfer SEO. All the recipes are available in Boss Mode, not in the Starter plan revision history.

You can do that. You can also get Jasper certified, which is pretty cool. And you get Grammarly and the Plagiarism checker. So Grammarly is really important because that’s another AI writing tool they’ve integrated that will really help your writing style and punctuation. So ultimately you get the most out of Boss Mode.

It’s competitively priced and I think you can start with the Starter plan, but I think that ultimately you get the most benefit with Boss Mode. You don’t get all of the features with Starter. So Boss Mode is the most popular plan to use.

How To Write A Blog Post With Jasper Ai

Let’s actually create a blog post with Surfer that’s integrated with the right tools and optimized for SEO that we want to rank on search engines.

So basically you go to create a new document and you can either start from scratch just using boss mode or you can use the blog post workflow so I’m going to use the blog post workflow and I’m going to start typing. Let’s say we want to do an article about how to start an online business.

The keyword then we’ll add is how to start an online business and then we’re going to continue and now what Jasper can do is it’s going to write reviews so I’m going to generate ideas for the actual title of the article ultimate guide starting on the business. Everything you need to know I’m going to use that intro paragraph. Well, I kind of used to use basically this that I used up there for the intro paragraph or I can generate ideas so this again will generate some ideas for us.


So let’s see starting your own business can be very rewarding but it’ll also be challenging. There are a lot of steps to take. The ultimate guide is perfect. Use this and open the editor setup is complete.

So now you’re in the actual Jarvis editor. It’s got the title and the content description. You can change your tone of voice, witty series, Joe Rogan et cetera and you have your compose tool and we have this. Now what we want to look at in this editor is what else can we do with Jarvis? Jasper so for example we can go to SEO mode and this is really important. This integrates with surfer SEO, an SEO writing tool, and SEO really an AI another AI tool that they’ve integrated with.

So what a surfer does is it basically scans the internet for the top-ranking posts for this keyword. And it gives you exactly the semantic keywords, the headings and the titles, and everything that you need from an on-page SEO perspective to make a really good article.

So you can start optimizing this, adding these terms in, and it’ll tell you literally how many times you need to add them in. Like limited liability companies should be in there one to two times. Market research should be in there three to seven times. How to start an online business should be in there at least one to two times. And then it gives you a score.

So whether you’re outsourcing this kind of stuff or you’re writing it yourself, you can basically try to get like, let’s say get an 80 or higher in Surfer. So that’s basically adding a good amount of headings. It scans. Also, you can add the right amount of images, the right paragraphs, and the right amount of words. So how to start an online business is a really long article, typically 5500 to 6400 words based on the competition.

All these keywords are in here. There are also headings that you can do like how to start a successful online business. Business ideas. You can go to the outline tab and it will generate different titles and headlines and things like that. You can look at different headings.

You can look at different questions that you might want to ask, how do I start an online business with no money? What online business can I start from? Home. All these are great like lower headings to add to your article. So maybe it’s how to start an online business.

You put in your main H two headings, how do I start an online business? And then you put in your steps, ten steps. And then underneath that, you could do another H two. And it would be like, what online business can I start from home? Or you can add an FAQ.

So this gives you all kinds of content information to add to the article. So that’s a really good brief. It shows the competitors BigCommerce NerdWallet Five or Business News Daily. So it’s a very competitive keyword. For sure.

But we can go and we can look at that and optimize it with Surfer SEO while we’re writing in Jarvis. And then I can just start writing and I’m going to make that an H two heading. And then I’m going to go here. Very simple. I’m just kind of doing a basic framework and then I’m going to say let’s make a long thing.

Okay. So number one, probably think of a business idea and do market research. The first step to starting a business is I’m going to kill this one-off and I’m going to compose again. I’m going to say long and see what happens. It has some interesting formatting.

So you want to kind of mess with it a little bit. Maybe you just make these your H three headings and then you can add the steps in after. So choose a name for your business. I’m going to go back here and compose again. Once you’ve come up with a business name, it’s time to buy the domain.

Okay, perfect. So then we’re here. Now we’re at the third step. H three. Let’s compose again.

Register with the IRS. Did it again. Hit compose. I keep forgetting I can’t click into Jasper.


Set up an email address for your business. Another heading could be good. There. Hire employees if necessary. That could be an H three heading composed.

Just keep going. Make sales and market your business. Another good heading. Collect taxes if necessary. I’m not going to remove that.

You probably have to pay taxes. Let’s say compose again. Okay, done writing. That is another heading. So you’ll see, as we go through this, there are a ton of different steps.

And if I see how long this is already we did a lot of writing. It’s just been a couple of minutes. But if I go to that, it’s already almost 700 words. We created 700 words in such a short amount of time. When we go back to SEO, Motor’s score probably increased a little bit based on that.

So it was like five. Now it’s at 27. So you can go back to focus mode. And then maybe you want to add in something like a go back to here and you can add in questions. So what online business can I start from home?

Back to focus mode. It looks like this is kind of a summary. So I’m going to make this the summary. Make that an H two and I’m going to go back above this and I’m going to put in I’m going to make that an H two and compose again. Compose again.

Ecommerce store owner. Okay, so it kind of starts again. So you see, it kind of like keeps going, and it kind of copies itself, but there are little quirks and tweaks. But again, it just created another huge section of content based on a question that you asked and it’s really easy to optimize for. Let’s go-to questions again.

What kind of online business is most profitable. Boom. So then we’re going to make this an age two heading again and we’re going to compose. There’s no one size fits all, it doesn’t work all the time. So it’s like e-commerce stores as mentioned earlier, there are great.

So some of these more difficult questions around profitability and stuff are a little bit tough. But overall based on a couple of minutes of implementing this and we added a lot of content, we’re now at about 1000 words so you can create these articles really fast and then we optimize them with SEO, we optimize them with Surfer SEO integration.

So you can go to your dashboard and integrate the tools and then you get this score to like 80 and you build that up over time. And then instead of spending 2 hours writing a blog post, you can spend maybe an hour. Or if you outsource it to somebody else you can say use Jasper, use Surfer SEO, get the score to 80, and Surfer they integrate with Grammarly, get that to 95, and then you have a format, a clear structure to publish more content, optimize it for SEO and Rank for more keywords.

My Final Verdict

So ultimately Jasper is the best AI writing tool today to write content for you. Integrate with SEO tools, write anything from product descriptions, blog posts, ads, email marketing, and copy. It is the best tool to do all that work. But you definitely need the Surfer SEO integration if you’re writing blog posts as well as Grammarly. So ultimately I’d get started.

I recommend you get started with Boss mode. Have you used Jasper for any writing yourself? Are you using AI writing tools? Do you find that they’re helpful?

Have you integrated them into your blog post workflow?



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