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14 Iconic Lipsticks Looks Worth the Hype

Hi, everyone. I’m a professional makeup artist based in Paris, I’m going to talk about 14 iconic lipsticks that are worth the hype. I’m a huge, huge, huge lipsticks lover.

The smallest gesture of beauty is when something is done with care and attention to detail. I think it’s so, so feminine. It doesn’t really matter what color you’re wearing, as long as you apply something on your lips, you make them a little bit more pinkish, brownish, reddish, whatever you prefer. Lipsticks are life. Okay, now let’s just get into the 14 iconic lipsticks.

Adrienne From Chanel

Adrienne from Chanel. It’s one of my favorite all-time lipsticks—such a beautiful color. I’m going to start with this one.

It’s a sheer formula, but the color, in my opinion, is just something that looks beautiful on everyone. I’m applying all of the lipsticks without lip liner.

I prefer to wear these lipsticks whenever I wear grey, like light gray or white, I believe it keeps that very clean look. I could move on to doing this over and over again because it’s not going to deposit a lot of products on the list. It’s just a little tint. It’s enough. It gives you shine. Very Chanel, very chic. So this is Chanel 402, Adrian.


Next Lipsticks are CHANTECAILLE tamboti. This is a beautiful pinkish n*de.

Another color that is great for every day. This is very comfortable. It’s very high trading, feels very luxurious. It doesn’t have the same shine as Adrienne from Chanel. The one from Chanel is much shinier.

Lip gloss is also like lipsticks in the way that it can make the lips look nicer and more comfortable. And this one has a pinch more of that beige pink to it, where it’s simple like that or with a lip liner, it doesn’t really matter. It’s beautiful, and it will always be beautiful because it’s not very flashy, and it resembles the natural color of the lips. This is Shantikai Sambot.

Katzen G Lolita

This one is KVD. Katzen G. But I think they still make these lipsticks. It’s Lolita. It’s their iconic lipsticks. They have this lolita one lolita two liquid formula.

Lip gloss formula, if I’m not mistaken. This is obviously matte. A lot of pigment, but very comfortable. It’s not completely matte, like dead matte. Has a little bit of shine.

Maybe when I move, you could see that slightly hydrating finish. This is the type of lipstick that will last longer than the two that I’ve shown you previously. Beautiful color. No wonder it’s iconic. It’s beautiful.

It can be a very nice nude for certain skin tones. For me, I wouldn’t call this a nude. It’s a warm, brownish pink. This is how I would describe this color. It’s really worth checking out.

Indian Rose From Tom Ford

The next one is Indian Rose from Tom Ford. I know that maybe some of you would not agree that this is an iconic color, but every time that I talk about Tom Ford lipsticks, a lot of you actually mention Indian Rose, and I agree it’s a beautiful color.

This has a pink, pinker, and more of a cooler pink. But I’m not mad at it. I’m not a huge fan of pinks unless they’re very warm. But this one is so beautiful.


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If you wear a lot of, like, white shirts and blazers, this is very classy, very chic, iconic. This is the type of color that works if you are super fair, and it also works if you are medium skin tone and everything in between. If you don’t know the Tom Ford formula, it’s very comfortable. It’s very hydrating. It’s Tom Ford.

So it’s crazy expensive, in my opinion, for being a lipstick. But the packaging is so beautiful. It’s like buying not just lipsticks. It’s a beautiful object. And God knows the brands know our soft spot for beautiful objects.

Sometimes it’s not just about the product itself. It’s about the story, the packaging, and the whole marketing behind it. So this is Tom Ford in Indian Rose.

Pillow Talk By Charlotte Tilbury

The next one is Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury. Pillow Talk is the color that Charlotte Tilbury said should look beautiful on every skin tone from fair to medium.

Now they have pillow talk. Medium. They have pillow talk. Intense. Like, now they have developed this whole range into different tonalities of pillow talk.

I have the original. T, he is a matte formula, but very comfortable. Again, the type of color that is for every day has a pinch of pink to it, but not too crazy pink. It’s a little bit more of a beige pink compared with the Indian Rose from Tom Ford. This goes amazing with the lip liner in the same color. Pillow talk from Charlotte Hilbert.

I love this color. It’s always a safe color for so many women. So this is Charlotte Tilbury in pillow talk.

Nars In The Color Barbara

The next one is Nars in the color Barbara. This is not the original packaging. This is just the holiday packaging. But this color is iconic at Nars.

This is my type of nude. It’s the kind of color I feel very comfortable wearing any time of the day. It’s great for the daytime with very soft eye makeup, and it’s great for nighttime if you do a smoky eye or winged eyeliner. It’s the perfect nude for me. So this is Nars and Barbara.

Bobby Brown Angel

This is Bobby Brown Angel has a pinch more color than everything else that we discussed.

This color is so uplifting. Has a little bit of that youth to it. Almost such a nice like a baby pink. Again, it’s not flashy. Still can wear this any time of the day. It uplifts the whole face. So this is angel from Bobby Brown.

Mac Velvet Teddy

It works amazing with the Velvet Teddy lip liner, also from Mac Iconic color.

Very modern n*de. I love this so much and it used to be one of the lipsticks I would use the most on my clients back in the days. I don’t use it as much, but it’s an iconic color. Along with, of course, Lady Danger Ruby Woo. I think I finished Ruby Woo.


And I didn’t repurchase it. Lady Danger velvet is a lipstick that is soft and smooth and it goes well with it. Teddy is matte. It’s long-lasting. It can be dry for some people. It really depends on the lips.

Matte Velveti Armani 400

So this is Matte velveti Armani 400. Some Children may remember when Megan Fox was the face of Armani. Megan Fox was famous for her good looks and for her role in the movie Transformers. I don’t know, maybe eight years ago. Could be nine, I don’t know.

But when I saw that ad, she was wearing this colored lipstick. I had to get it, like, right away. I didn’t have it where I was living, so I remember that I had to ask a friend. Ask a friend. Fantastic red, full of personality, type of color. I am crazy about red.

This one is one of those iconic reds that I believe you should have in your collection if you’re a lipstick lover, or if you’re a red lipstick lover, to say more precisely. Very matte, very thin. So thin. Incredibly rich in pigment. Just like a lot of the lipsticks that I’m going to talk about.

But at the same time, you don’t feel it as you saw one swipe and full pigment. I would say it’s a classic red.

Georgia Armani In 400 Dior 999

This is Georgia Armani in 499. This is the lipstick that you can find in your different formulas. This one in particular is the Ultra Care.

So this one is a little bit more hydrating than the classic one, but I prefer this one. However, they are all the same colors.

The type of lipsticks, again, that you see it, it’s so red. I believe, like with all of these lipsticks, especially the red lipstick that I’m going to talk about, I personally am able to tell which one is the Dior red, and which one is the Armani red. Also because of my profession. But they all have that specific thing that I believe it’s hard to find in a different brand. It’s the type of lipstick that’s very sexy. It’s very Dior. So this is the Dior 999.

Clinique Ruby Pop

This is Clinique Ruby Pop. This lipstick was my absolute favorite. Well, like, I don’t know, ten or twelve years ago. I was looking for that at that time. I remember I was looking for that curly poppy red. And this was definitely how beautiful this color is.

It’s like a warmer red. But then I personally think it’s so special. It’s not your usual red. It’s a natural, like, poppy red. This is Clinique Ruby Pop.

Rodin Redhead

Next is Rodin Redhead. Seriously, if you are looking for something with crazy color and a lot of shine, something that’s not a lip gloss, go for these lipsticks from Rajan, I believe It’s so beautiful. What did they put in this? Super comfortable.


Red Hetty From Rajan Pat McGrath Ellison

This lady is Red Hetty from Rajan Pat McGrath Ellison. This is more on the darker side of red. You’ll see it’s super rich in pigment. Let’s just go in.

But let me tell you something. When you first apply Elisa in any lipstick from Pat McGrath, it feels that you are actually applying liquid powder. As crazy as it sounds, it does not feel like you’re applying something hydrating. Although, obviously, when you apply it and then you walk the bullet on your lips, it starts to feel more hydrating. But when you first touch your lips with a bullet, it feels like you’re touching it with eyeshadow, with powder.

It does not feel like lipstick, I promise. All lipstick colors from Pat McGrath are fantastic. Super rich in pigment, as you can see, very thin. The colors are spectacular. Again, an iconic lipstick. So this is Pat McGrath Elson.

Lisa Eldridge Velvet Lipstick

You cannot talk about iconic lipsticks without including at least one Lisa Eldridge Velvet Lipstick. And in my opinion, if you like reds, this is one iconic one. And now the angels will sing.

I’ve never, ever experienced a more beautiful beauty object than this. It’s absolutely beautiful. Now, this is a new one. I’ve only started this a few weeks ago, but just so you understand how much I love this lipstick, this is what I am left with from my first Velvet Ribbon from Lisa Atrisk. That’s how much I love this product.

And it’s not just for me, but also for my clients. As you can see, it was scooped out of this all lipsticks and my kids. I use a little let me show you. Use this little spatula. This is what I used to scoop out the lipstick, put it on the back of my hand, and then with the lip brush I applied on the client’s lips, I would have to give the lipstick to the client.

And I don’t always want to do that. Okay, I’m not going to scoop the lipstick right now, because this is going to be mine. I have another one that I keep for my kids that is brand new.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Lisa Eldridge Velvet Ribbon. I don’t know. This whole lipstick is an experience itself. It involves all your senses.

But it’s not just because it’s Lisa Andrea. It’s because the product is really good. The product is king, always. And with this, we’re going to end 14 iconic lipsticks that are really worth the hype. I hope you enjoyed this.

Let me know in the comments which one of these was your favorite color. What would you add to the iconic lipsticks that are really worth the hype? Let everyone know in the comments if you want to add something.



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