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Top 12 Things To Do In Paris: Discovering Paris And Why You Should Go To This City!

Top 12 things to do in Paris. There are so many things to see and do in Paris that it can be hard to choose or know what is a must and what is if we have time, especially if you’re only here for a short time. So in this post, we’ll share twelve top things to see and do, so you can hit the main sites in Paris. We’ll cover how to get there, how much it costs and what to eat nearby.

Top 12 Things To Do In Paris Starts With The Eiffel Tower

The First things to do in Paris starts with the Eiffel Tower, which is the most visited monument in the world, but the funny thing about it is originally it was supposed to be temporary. Now there are two kinds of tickets to go up to the tower, depending on whether you want to climb the stairs to the second floor or to the top. For the second floor, taking the stairs it’s ten euros and seventy cents and to use the elevator it’s €17.10. And for the top floor all the way to the top, it’s €20.40 to take the stairs or €26.80 to take the elevator.

And then there are skip the line or guided tour options which will cost you a little extra, but it could be worth it. So you can skip the line. Now we strongly recommend that you buy your tickets in advance for the earliest time of the day or book a guided tour to skip the line altogether. To get there, you can take the Metro line six and exit either at Mat, Pique, Grenade, or B. I can and for places to grab a bite near the Eiffel Tower, you can go to Rue Claire or try Bolong la rombie, which is just a couple of blocks from the Chandel Mouse near the tower,

Arc De Thriomphe

The second things to do in Paris is the Arg Deteriorate is an amazing work of architecture with stunning sculptures and reliefs and an eternal flame and tomb of the unknown soldiers from World War I.

It is a monument honoring those who fought in the French Revolution and the Napoleon war, and the 360-degree views from the rooftop are awesome. Also, the Arc De Thriomphe is at the head of the Shounise DESE, which is one of the most prestigious and luxurious shopping avenues in the world. Tickets to the rooftop of the Arc De Thriomphe for one, €13 and a little more if you choose to skip the line option.

Now the Metro station for the Ark is Charles de Gaulle Etwo on line one and for Sean’s Dezer exit at Station, Georgia Sank online one. Places to grab a bite to eat near the Ark are a drugstore for a nice sit-down meal or Mosen Giulonbre for a bakery, street food near the Ark, and Lola de Losicos for great steak and fries.

Notre Dame De Paris

The third things to do in Paris is The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most iconic symbols of Paris and of all of France, and most people know it from the Victor Hugo’s book The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but they probably don’t know that this medieval Cathedral was the really bad shape, and it was the newfound popularity of the book that led to its restoration. Today, it’s still closed from the fire of 2019, and a team of special artisan craftspeople is working diligently to restore it once again.

And the target is to have it reopened before the Summer Olympics in 2024. And to get to Notre Dame, use Metro line four and exit at either the San Michelle station or the satellite station. You won’t need a ticket to see the Cathedral once it reopens, but you will need a ticket to go up the Belltower once it reopens. And before the fire, the tickets were €8.50. Places to get some street food nearby include Lacroix bakery, Hooray, or opaque cakes, all just within walking distance of the Church.

Moulin Rouge Cabaret

The fourth things to do in Paris is The Moulin Rouge is home to the classic Parisian cabaret and of course, the iconic can. Going back to the days of artists like Talluza Trek, it was a place to feel free and be self-expressed.

Things to do In Paris
Things to do In Paris

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And today the show collects top talent from around the world to tell the story of French history and culture through dance. To get here, use Metro line two to the Blanche station. Show tickets will run between 88 and €118, but that doesn’t include dinner and champagne. There is an amazing, high-quality restaurant inside the theater, but if you’re looking for something a little more affordable, try the Bouillon Pigal, which is just up the road.

Le Sacre Coeur

The fifth things to do in Paris are the sacred and PLEASANTE are gems of the Paris experience. One of the most stunning views of Paris is from the Plaza and stairs in front of the Church. This is a playful, romantic, family-friendly spot with mimes, street performers, caricature artists,s and a few scammers. When you think of accordion music, cafes, and tourist stops, it’s all right here. This is a must-stop on your parent’s vacation.

Now the Metro station to use is Abyss online twelve. Now there’s no charge to access the Basilica and the place details. It’s an open area Plaza. There are fees to access the Dome of the Basilica, and those rates vary. Restaurants near the Sacreca and Plaza are pretty touristic. We recommend heading down to Rude Martier for good options or to the Van Danton Bakery for street food or Misel Milly for crates.

Les Catacombs of Paris

The sixth things to do in Paris is the Paris Catacombs represent about two of the 200 miles of tunnels underneath the city of Paris. People often think it’s a Gothic or a dark thing to do, but it’s really an archaeological Museum where the bones of six to 7 million people from cemeteries all around Paris were relocated back in the 1700s. It’s a well-lit and well-ventilated tunnel that tells a sacred story, and it certainly deserves to be included in the list of things to see in Paris. To get here, use Metro line four or six or the curb to the Denver Rocha station.

Things To Do In Paris
Things To Do In Paris

A full-price ticket, including an audio guide, is €29, and kids from four to 17 are only €5. But you can also get last-minute tickets online starting at midnight on the same day where the adult rate is €15 and kids under 18 get in free. For places to eat nearby, head over to Rue de Guerre, which has many options, including the Cafe de Gea, but there’s also a McDonald’s just across the street if you’re traveling with kids that need a little bit of normal on their trip.

Le Musee Du Louvre

The seventh things to do in Paris is the Louvre became the most visited museum in the world, it was a Royal Palace and home to Louisa, 14 before he moved to Versailles. The architecture and decor features alone are worth the visit. While it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the 480,000 pieces of art in the 15 acres of galleries, don’t let that stop you. This place is amazing. From the Crown Jewels to the Mona Lisa or Venus de Melo to the Mummies, there’s something here for everyone to get here, just use the Metro station Paleo Museumuv on line one or seven.

Now tickets will run you €17 each, and kids 17 and under can enter for free. That gets you the entrance for a self-guided tour, and you can also get some audio guides headphones you may want to consider hiring a guided tour and skip the line option, which will run you a little bit more. Places to eat nearby include Bo and Me for taking out or Eat Inn or Laputa von Dome just across the Place von Dome, which is a lovely walk through a bit of luxury.

Les Jardins Du Luxembourg

The eight things to do in Paris is The Jardanda Luxembourg is considered one of the top five most beautiful gardens in all of Europe, and it is a must-stop for a casual romantic stroll or just to chill in the shade on a hot summer day. And it’s a great place for kids and teens because you can run free.

Wander through the gardens, have picnics, and the pond, where you rent little boats for the kids to go and play, is just charming. To get to Jardon de Luxembourg, use Metro stations Odeon with line 410 or the Luxembourg Rer station with Line B. And the garden, of course, is open to the public and there is no charge to enjoy it.

Places to eat nearby include Joe Latalier, where you can get a formula lunch for about €10 and they have amazing sweet stuff in the bakery. You could also choose Solomon Sea Seafood Bar, where they have awesome mussels and French fries, or mull free, or the Bar au Per Louie for casual dining, a Shark Otree, and a glass of wine. And there are plenty of street food vendors all around.

Le Musee D’orsay

Located in an old railway renovated 19th-century train station, the ninth things to do in Paris is the Muse Darte, the second largest Museum in Paris, and it’s filled with amazing impressionist art, including Monet, Renoir, and Van Gogh. Now the Metro station to get there is Solcarno on line Twelve or Muse Darce on RERC. Tickets for the Muse dance are €16 and again we recommend buying them way in advance. Places to eat Nearby are Le Santigo and La Queens, which are both right around the corner.

Things To Do In Paris
Things To Do In Paris

Les Jardins Tuileries

The Tenth things to do in Paris is the toiletries ease are the gardens from when Lulu was a Royal Palace. It has a sculpture garden and treelined promenade and a great sense of peaceful luxury. At the other end lies the Plaza Concord, which is the largest public square in Paris with beautiful statues, a fountain, and a novelist. And by the way, it’s where Marianoanet lost their head in the French Revolution.

Metro station Tuileries on line one or Concord on lines One, eight, and twelve is the way to get here. Now there is no charge to visit either. The place that I concur with Garden, it’s just open space. Places to eat nearby include Le Petty Vandal for classic French food, or Angelina for hot chocolate and pastry.

Opera Garnier De Paris

The eleventh things to do in Paris is the Opera Garnier, and it’s probably the most famous opera in the world. It is as much a symbol of Paris as Notre Dame or de Louvre or de Sacraquel, and it’s best known to Americans as the home of The Phantom of the Opera. Now the art and the architecture of this gym are definitely worth seeing. To get there, use the Metro station Opera on line seven, and there is an entrance fee for a self-guided tour, which is €14.

Places to eat Nearby are the food court at Galilee Fayette, which is just about anything you want. Of course, there’s the famous Cedric Role and Pierre Bakeries that are right around the corner. And for a classic French dining experience, try the Grand Cafe de Capitini.

Le Palais Royal

The twelfth things to do in Paris The Palais Royale was a childhood home of King Louis XIV, among others, and as the residents of many nobles, it later became known as a village within a city when shops and restaurants were added at the street level, making this the first of many covered passages in Paris. And today it’s known for its iconic striped columns and lovely gardens.

To get here, you’ll use Metro lines one or seven and exit at the Palais Royal Museum Deluxe Metro station, and the palace offers free access for everyone. There’s no charge to go there. Places to eat nearby are Opie de Cuisine and La Lushabam are just a short walk from the Palais. In the Lai area.



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