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Bali Travel Guide: The Ultimate 25 points Guide To Take A Trip And Discover Great Wonders Of Indonesia | EVERYTHING to know before you go

Bali Travel Guide, Bali is finally open for tourism, and in this post, we’re sharing everything with you regarding Bali Travel Guide. Need to know before booking a trip to Paradise Island. We’ll be covering everything from entry requirements, where to stay, daily budget, how to get around, what to do, and what not to do in this detailed Bali Travel Guide.

Bali Travel Guide How To Get To Bali

You’ll want to book a flight to Ngarai International Airport. Big airlines are adding direct routes to Bali now, so you’ll no longer need to fly through Jakarta first as we did. Use Google Flights to see what flights are available. As of May 30, there are 72 countries eligible for visas on arrival, with more countries being added every day. Visa on arrival means you will be granted a 30-day tourist visa, which is extendable up to 60 days.

The price is currently 500k IDR, or around $35. If you would like to spend more than 60 days in Bali, then you can apply offshore for the B 211 business or tourist visa. There are various agencies you can contact that provide this service and will usually get your visa approved within a week for your Bali Travel Guide. The cost is always changing, but as of right now it is around 3.5 million IDR. The nice thing is that this visa is renewable on the island, so you will not need to do a visa run and leave the country.

Requirements For Bali Trip

Okay, let’s quickly just touch on the requirements for Bali Travel Guide which are changing all the time. So we advise you to check in with your visa agent to get the updated ones. But as of right now, these are the requirements for Bali Travel Guide. In step one, you have to fill out the Ehac International form, which is an app before departure for Bali Travel Guide.

Step two after arrival, you will have to have your Vaccination certificates ready. Step three, your Ehac and hotel booking will be checked at the airport. Step four after passing multiple checkpoints, which include checking for health insurance, and returning an onward flight ticket within 30 or 60 days, you will have your visa on arrival. You can pay for your visa on arrival with a credit card or the equivalent in a few foreign currencies. Step five collect your bags, pass the checkpoints and go to your transportation for Bali Travel Guide.

As of right now, you will need a double Vaccination to get into Bali without quarantine, and you will need the Ehac app downloaded before you land. If you are only single-dose vaccinated, then you will have to serve a five-day warranty at your own expense.

Currency In Indonesia

The currency here is the Indonesian rupee which is usually around 15,000 IDR to 1 USD. Once you get through customs. There are numerous money exchange services in the airport itself. Although we’ve never used any of these, we don’t recommend it because the fees are always super high at the airport for Bali Travel Guide.

If you do want to use the money exchange service, you can find them they are all over the island. So just head outside towards Seminar Kuta Tango and you will find one. Alternatively, what we do is we draw from an ATM with our credit cards, and every time we draw, it’s usually a fee of $8 roughly for the Bali Travel Guide.

Bali Travel Guide
Bali Travel Guide

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There are ATMs all over the island and there is a limit on how much you can draw from an ATM at one time. So you might have to use the ATM multiple times in a day, but it’s the most convenient. Actually, most places accept credit cards, so that’s a good thing. You don’t always need cash for Bali Travel Guide.

We got away with spending most of our money through credit cards, just with direct points of sale. And then we just draw about 3 million IDR for a week or two and that’s just to pay for meals at the war rooms and just petrol for your bike and small stuff for Bali Travel Guide.

Best Time To Visit Bali

The best time to visit Bali we mention in Bali Travel Guide is between April and October. It’s not as hot and it does not rain as much. The weather is usually between 28 deg Celcius and 32 degrees Celcius pretty much every single day during this time.

What you need to know about the weather in Bali is that there are basically only two seasons the wet season and the dry season. You don’t want to be in Bali during the wet season because most of your beach days will be ruined by the extremes and storms and town halls that happen every day and they just come out of absolutely nowhere for Bali Travel Guide.

So be aware if you are going to go between November and March, it is the rainy season. The benefit of that is that prices for hotels and things are a little bit cheaper during this time. The busiest time in Bali is normally between June and July. So European holidays get super busy. Prices will be extremely high, the island will be crazy busy, and the traffic just will be stressful off the rocker for Bali Travel Guide.

What To Pack For Bali?

All right, following on from the weather, let’s talk about what you need to pack for Bali Travel Guide.

This is my favorite part because not a lot of people will make videos about this and there are quite a few things you actually need to know about traveling to Bali and Southeast Asia in general. So basically you’re packing for hot and humid weather pretty much the whole of your trip will look like that unless you head up into the mountains like Munduk, Northern Bali, where the temperatures drop quite a bit, actually. And in the evenings it might be a little chilly, so you need a thin sweater for Bali Travel Guide.

It’s nothing dramatic or anything that’s that because of the humidity and the amount you’re going to be sweating every day. You want to bring things that are comfortable and breezy and avoid white for Bali Travel Guide. I’m telling you now, avoid white clothing. So you’re looking at shorts, t-shirts, sandals, and one pair of good walking shoes if you’re going to be heading up into the mountains and climbing volcanoes. It also gets really freezing cold up there. So do pack some warm clothes if you do plan to do that for Bali Travel Guide.

Some other really important items that you need to pack include a raincoat, a hat, sandals, aloe vera for when your sunburn, reef stays, sunscreen because it’s actually very expensive in Bali, and hard-to-find diarrhea medication if you plan on eating the local foods because barley belly is real for Bali Travel Guide.

Another one for the ladies brings your sanitary products and thrush medication if you’re prone to that for Bali Travel Guide. And if you’re going to have a little bit of a fancy night out on the town, do pack a nice-looking outfit and some good shoes because certain clubs and bars in Bali are quite bougies and they do have dress codes for Bali Travel Guide.

But Bali is not a very desolate island and you can find most of these things. They’ve got H and N, Zara, beautiful boutique shops, and all sorts of things. They’ve got pharmacies, markets, and shops. It’s a very developed island and you’ll be surprised how much you can find there for Bali Travel Guide. So don’t worry if you do forget anything, don’t stream. You’ll be fine for Bali Travel Guide.

Apps You Need Before Your Bali Travel

Moving on to the next section, these are some of the apps you need to download before you come to the island for the Bali Travel Guide. Number one is most definitely WhatsApp it is used all over the place for organizing your drivers, even ordering food from restaurants, and organizing a place to stay such as the Villa. Communication using WhatsApp is super important for the Bali Travel Guide.

Secondly, Facebook is also important if you want to look for apartments and places to stay that are also used very frequently. The next two very important apps are Grab and Gojek. Grab is basically the Uber. You’re going to use it to call your motorbikes, your food, your cars. And Gojek is the exact same, except it’s the Indonesian version. That’s basically the same, but it is a little bit cheaper on Gojek.

Bali Travel Guide
Bali Travel Guide

You can even order medication on Gojek for Bali Travel Guide. That’s how freaking awesome the app is definitely downloaded. So if you’re down or not with barley belly one morning, yeah, just hop on the app and audio medication straight to your villa then. The last app we recommend is Google Maps for Bali Travel Guide. It’s used to navigate on the island. The other apps don’t really work.

Apple Maps doesn’t work, so make sure you get Google Maps, and then you can go ahead and download the offline maps for Bali Travel Guide. So when you’re heading out into the remote areas where there’s no signal, you’ll have maps in your back pocket for Bali Travel Guide.

Budget For Bali Trip

Okay, time to talk about money for Bali Travel Guide. This is really dependent on you and your barley itinerary, but I’m happy to tell you that you don’t have to spend your entire life savings to pay for a trip to this beautiful island. It is quite an affordable island for Bali Travel Guide. Granted, there are certain things that are expensive, but let’s get into the different budgets. The three different budgets are super budgets or backpacker vibes for Bali Travel Guide. You’re looking at spending around 20 to 50 USD a day. Pretty darn good, I’d say.

The second one is our budget, and that is comfortable brackets. It’s not too budget, but it’s not too bougie either. And you’re looking at paying between 50 and 80 USD a day for that one. And then the budget type that we aspire to have that luxury. Anything over $100 a day, honestly, is luxury. You can push it way higher, though. You could easily spend $1,000 a day.

No jokes on the islands, depending on your accommodation and what restaurants you eat at. Five-star restaurants, massages, alcohol, all of that for Bali Travel Guide. Obviously, the longer you stay there, the better deals you’ll get on monthly rates on Airbnb, gym memberships, coworking spaces, and all sorts of bike hire, too.

Accommodation In Bali

The island offers a wide variety of places to stay, from world-class five-star hotels to backpacker homestays and hostels. In between, there are affordable and comfortable Airbnb everywhere for Bali Travel Guide. We book 90% of our shore of term stays using Airbnb, and the rest of our bookings were made using a goda. We can also recommend using Booking.com for Bali Travel Guide. You’ll be able to find anything from small, intimate couple getaways to massive eight-bedroom villas to share with friends for Bali Travel Guide.

The variety of places to stay on the island is truly remarkable to spend some time seeking out the perfect place to suit your needs for Bali Travel Guide. We generally go for guest houses though, where you have a private room and a shed, kitchen, and certain amenities and a pool. That’s pretty important for Bali Travel Guide.

Transportation In Bali

Next up is transportation in Bali Travel Guide. When you arrive at the airport, you’ll most likely be harmed by taxi drivers. We usually ignore these guys because they often are very pushy and will charge an arm and a leg for Bali Travel Guide. If you do take a taxi then make sure it’s at least a Blue Bird taxi. We’ve used them a couple of times and have never had a bad experience with Bali Travel Guide.

They use a meter and never tried to scam us. Alternatively, we can recommend you contact the place you are staying at and either ask them to organize a shoffer service for you or if they know a driver that can pick you up. Arrived from the airport to say, Seminyak or Changoo would usually cost between 200k and 400k IDR for Bali Travel Guide.

Motorbike Hire In Bali

Once you’re all settled in with the help of this Bali Travel Guide, you can head out looking for bikes to hire so that you have your own wheels on the island for Bali Travel Guide. Bike Hire prices fluctuate all the time with supply and demand like anything else, but the usual going rate is around 1 million IDR per month.

If you want to rent daily, then you can pay anywhere from 100k per day to 250K depending. Be sure to negotiate for Bali Travel Guide. You will need to give your passport information, so take your passport with you. They’ll have to make a copy of your passport for Bali Travel Guide.

Bali Travel Guide
Bali Travel Guide

Legally speaking, you do need an international license to be able to ride a motorbike on the island. But I beg you, if you’re not experienced with a motorbike, don’t rent one for Bali Travel Guide. There are far too many accidents at the moment. The traffic is crazy and that’s because there are a lot of people riding motorbikes on the island that have no idea what they’re doing. Rather just use the grab and gojek for Bali Travel Guide.

It’s cheaper than other apps and very easy to use for Bali Travel Guide. But if you are experienced and know how to ride a motorbike then definitely go ahead and rent one. But remember where your home is.

Do note if you do get into an accident on the island, your travel insurance will require you to have a license before they help you out. Stay tuned and we’ll share our favorite travel insurance with you guys.

Traffic In Bali

Next up is going to be traffic. Traffic on the island is quite bad. It can take 40 minutes to travel from the airport to a bird or changu. The roads are very thin and there are tons of bikes and cars trying to get around. We recommend using grab or gojek rather than help curb the traffic congestion.

Language And Culture

Next up are language and culture. The language on the island is Bahasa Bali or Bahasa Indonesia. But most people that you’ll come into contact with speak English pretty fluently. A couple doesn’t. They’ll be broken English, but you’ll definitely survive.

Most hotels and restaurants have people fluent in English and a couple of other languages actually. So you’ll be more than fine.

We do suggest learning a couple of the basic phrases because, well, it’s just common decency. When you go to a foreign country, you want to communicate with them and they’ll love you. They’ll appreciate that you took the time to learn their language.

If you do want to learn a little bit, I suggest going on to Babel and doing their free lessons in Indonesia. It will help me a hell of a lot to learn a little bit about the numbers and just basic greetings. So check that out.

For culture, the Bolognese is a very culturally rich group of people. They have many celebrations, sometimes even every 100 days. Remember to always be respectful of their temples. Be mindful of the offerings that you will see placed on the road and at entrances to hotels and restaurants. Please don’t kick these.

Ladies, you will need to be covered up when out of the temple and men will also need to cover their legs. This is also a requirement at the government buildings, such as when you go to renew your visa.

And one more custom to be aware of. Is it very respectful to give and take with your right hand and not your left? I definitely always do it anyway, but I’m actually not sure what the reason is behind that.

What To Eat In Bali

Next up is what to eat when you’re there. Don’t miss out on trying the amazing food the island has to offer. From the famous Nasi goring Migraine Pisangarang. Goreng means fried, by the way. To the incredible and our favorite chicken curries or curry Ayam and befriendam.

And if you’re craving a taste of home, there are western options all over the islands. So don’t even stress about that.

Water And Ice

Do not drink tap water. So on the island, you will have to drink out bottled water at all times. You can buy a big 20 liter, one for about 20K really cheap, or you can just get them at any alpha mart. Do not use the tap water to even brush your teeth.

Use bottled water. The locals will tell you. So if you’re on the island for a short period of time, be very careful of this because you don’t want to ruin your time with Barley Bailey.

Alcohol On The Bali Island

Alcohol on the island, it’s kind of expensive. If you’re going to go and drink out, you can look to pay anywhere between 90K for Corona to like, and 120K just for one corona at a club. But if you do want to just get some beers and go to a villa, you can head to an Alpha Mart, and they are usually around 20K for a beer at Alpha Mart, the island of Bali, has a local liquor called Arak, I think it is, and that stuff is potent.

A lot of the cocktails at the cheap cocktail bars are mixed with that stuff, and it will get you lit. In fact, it will make you sick. So just be careful. Don’t drink too many cocktails just in case. Probably stick to bottled beers and more upmarket cocktail bars. Once again, if you’re on the island for short periods of time, you do not want to spend days and days in bed.

Vaccinations For Bali

Now let’s talk about vaccinations. This is a bit of a tricky one because before we travel to Southeast Asia, our doctor recommended that we get a couple of shots from HPV shots, rabi shots, and yellow fever. But actually, it’s not required for you if you’re visiting the island, especially if you’re going to stay away from the remote areas on the island. You’ll be fine without them.

One thing I would take note of is apparently dengue fever is quite a big thing on the island. To protect yourself, get your immune system strong and just avoid mosquitoes. Use lots of bug spray. There’s no malaria on the island, so you don’t need to take any medication for that either. At the end of the day, bug spray will be your best vaccination.

Travel Insurance

We do not travel without our travel insurance. Safety Wing, they’ve saved us two times, and we’ll keep repeating this, they saved us in 2019 as soon as the pandemic started and we had to get a repatriation flight back home. They covered that entire flight. And the second time when we were putting quarantine in Indonesia, red test positive for corona, and they covered that as well. Accidents are prone on the island.

You might have a motorbike accident. You might slip and fall at a waterfall. Just be covered in the case. Actually, I think it’s a requirement you have to have trouble insurance to enter Indonesia to actually check for it now at the airport, so make sure you get it.

Length Of Stay

Next up is the length of your stay. We do recommend around two weeks to have a full experience on the island and to go home with no regrets. But if you do only have a week, then it should suffice. Just be careful of volleybaly, heat stroke, and things like that. You don’t want to ruin your one-week holiday.

Electricity In Bali

Next up is the electricity. The plug points that they use in Bali are exactly the same as the ones used in Vietnam and in South Africa. So make sure you have the right adapter when you come. The best thing is to just pick up an adapter before you leave home. If not, you will be able to find them all over the island once again.

SIM Card And Internet

Next up is a SIM card and the internet. You can get away with not having a SIM card if you’re there for a short period of time. There’s WiFi everywhere in the hotels, the cafes, and restaurants, all over and the speeds are pretty good.

If you do decide to do a SIM card, definitely check out Telecom sales. It is a little complicated at the moment because you’ll have to register your IMEI number at a telecom sell store. But SIM cards are so cheap and data is cheap as well. And there is a signal nearly everywhere on the island.

You can expect to pay around 135K IDR for 35 gigs of mobile data. You will need a SIM card to sign up for a Grab and Go Jake account, although you can use a local friend’s number to do that as well.

Tipping In Bali

Next up, let’s talk about tipping. It’s an optional thing. The island when you get the check. The service fee is included already, but we do suggest that you just give an extra, I don’t know, 5K to 10K. It makes a lot of difference and they’ll really appreciate it.

Pharmacy In Bali

A pharmacy is a place I seem to have been in nearly every day of my life. There are pharmacies everywhere around the island. It’s called Apotek in Indonesian, so as soon as you see those words, you know there’s a pharmacy there. There’s Kimia Pharmacy and guardians all over the island. You can get all sorts of medication there, and toiletries and cosmetic products.

One thing we found was headache tablets are ridiculously cheap there. For a pack of four really good headache medications. It’s like 1k was. Paracetamol mix is super cheap, so don’t worry about bringing those.

I just want to add quickly that some beauty products have whitening in them or cooling agents, like the men’s stuff. So some of the stuff you find is very foreign and interesting. We don’t have whitening products here in South Africa, so I was like, what? But it’s a huge thing in Indonesia.

Laundry In Bali

Next up is laundry. So getting your clothes Washed on Island is pretty much the easiest thing. You can drive 100 meters and find a laundromat right on the corner. Prices are around 15k per kilogram, so 1$ per kg. Super cheap, super-efficient. You’ll get your clothes nice and fresh and folded up the next day. If you are staying in a hotel, definitely avoid using the hotel laundry service. You will be charged like 20 times more.

Natural Disasters In Bali

All right, now let’s talk about some natural disasters. Earthquakes can happen on the island of Bali because it is in the Ring of Fire, although very rarely, and nothing too extravagant. We experienced two of them and it was a bit of a wobble. The pool went a bit weird, but it was okay. Another natural disaster to be aware of.

There are volcanoes on the island and they are active, so do just take notes of your surroundings. Be a bit prepared. Look at what there is to do in the case of a volcano erupting or tsunami or an earthquake, just prep yourself a little bit because it is a possibility and it’s something I was actually genuinely worried about, and you should be right.

We have evacuation signs all over the island, near the beaches, and also near the volcanoes. So just take notes of the routes that you need to follow if something happens.

What To Skip On Bali Trip

All right, now let’s talk about what we think you should skip on the island of Bali.

Personally, we haven’t done it, but we’ve heard from a lot of travelers that it was a bit of an uncomfortable experience, and that is the dolphin viewing in Lovina in the north of the island. There are far too many boats and I don’t know, it’s just a bit of an I don’t know if it’s a very eco-friendly activity to do on the island. So if you’re worried about that, maybe just skip the experience entirely.

The second thing that we’re very passionate about is not doing a day tour to Nusa Penida Island. The island is jam-packed with traffic, the roads are terrible and you will spend most of your day in a car stuck in traffic. So if you do plan to visit the beautiful island of Nusa Panita, do spend a night, make time for it. Otherwise, you will not enjoy your experience on the island. We personally did it and it wasn’t great.

Yes, we haven’t been back yet. We don’t have a good time at all. Hopefully, next time we go we will stay over. Tropical glamping comes highly, highly recommended. And the last scene we think you should skip is Limpuyang Temple. It’s very much an Instagram versus reality moment. You’ll see a lot of photos on the internet of this beautiful temple with a mountain centered in the back and these clear lakes at the bottom were a beautiful reflection, like a mirror. That’s because it is a mirror.

They do put a mirror in the photo to give it that effect. But it’s nothing special. If you are all about the photos and maybe go for it, it’ll make your Instagram look really cool. But don’t be disappointed when you get there and see that it’s not what it looks like.

And if you spend hours standing in a line just for that photo, in which there are huge lines, there is the Limpuyang temple. So if you don’t want to stand in lines and be disappointed, then just skip that.

What To Do In A Bali Trip

All right, let’s get two things we do recommend you do a Balinese cooking class and a bicycle trip through the local community. The Mount between a sunrise hike, river rafting, and tubing in the Uber water bomb is so much fun. To the hotel for a Balinese dinner, experience the catch-up at Oluwatu Temple.

Safety In Bali

Okay, next up is safety. We get asked this quite often. Is Bali safe? And the truth is I feel 100% safe on the island of Bali. We were there at a very desperate time during the Pandemic and it was still one of the safest places on earth. So definitely not something that you should worry about at all. But like everywhere in the world, there is petty crime and some thefts. So just be cautious, don’t be too flashy with your items. And if you have a safety box in your hotel room, definitely utilize it.

One tip I can give you and the supplies all over Asia is don’t text with your phone facing the road. Turn your back to the road if you’re going to need to text someone because some people do drive-by on bikes and grab your phone out of your hands. So that’s one thing that can happen. Just be aware of it.

And also, if you’re on a motorbike, don’t take from the motorbike because they can come past you and grab it there too.

And then in terms of scams, this can happen in Southeast Asia. We’ve heard of that, but fortunately for us, it has not happened at all. Nothing has happened in Bali. 99% of the people that you meet on the island will be super helpful, and super friendly. We haven’t really had anything happen to us.

No need to worry. Haven’t even heard of it happening to anyone else, even.

Other Tips

And finally, ever. These are just really random things that we think you should know. Number one is basically to carry toilet paper wherever you go. It’s not used that often. Second thing is, that there is a random horsepower-looking thing with a nozzle on it next to the toilet. That’s the bum gun that you use to clean yourself when you go to the toilet. We miss it so much. We love that thing and we think it’s more sanitary than just using toilet paper.

Be careful though, some have quite a strong squit to them and they actually hurt girls sometimes it hurts, so just be careful. And third of all, if you do use toilet paper, do not throw it into the toilet. Throw it into the bed. You can plug some pipes and cause a lot of damage. They don’t have a sewer system like that. So just throw all of your toilet paper, everything into the bed next to anyway, those things are uncomfortable to talk about. That needed to be said.

That’s basically everything you need to know about Bali or everything we can think of right now. If you can think of anything else added in the comments below, we hope you enjoyed it. We hope you found it informative.

Also, enjoy your trip. Have fun. It’s going to be life-changing let us know how it was in the comments below. You’re going to love it.



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